Your Next Skiing Component

LinkLens is designed for immersive sound experience through optimized open air audio technology. With surround sound, single-ear mode, noise cancellation, and water resistance design, LinkLens allows you to rediscover adventure of snow sports.

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Starting With Authentic

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Double-walled Lens

Better anti-fog performance

Triple-layer Face Foam

Premium care for your skin

Magnetic Interchangeable Lens 

Swap your lens just in time

Silicone Backed Head Strap 

Non-slip silicone lining secures goggle in place

And, it's Wider & Taller

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Go Even Further. 

Open Air Audio

Immerse yourself in surround sound with open air audio that allows you to hear your music and surroundings at the same time for all adventures. With ergonomic frame, custom-build speakers, and engineered acoustic cavity, LinkLens is designed for best comfort and immersive sound experience. 

Wind Noise Cancellation  

Engineered dual-microphone lined up with your mouth (triple-points-in-line design) screens out wind noise while on the slopes, which enhances speech clarity for calls & voice command. 

in Your Ears, But Beats.


We Are Engineering For

Comfort Fits  

Sound oriented to ears, no pain and press by earplugs and headphones. 

Single-ear Mode

Stay alert to the surrounding or catch the words on the lift while enjoying your beats.

Voice Assistance Activation 

Active assistance on your phone (ios & android) by one-button press.  

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Voice Assistance Activation*

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